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The hottest gadget of 1964… after the 8-track

June 24, 2009

not quite the mighty mouse

Oddee, that wonderful site full of odd lists, has come up with one about world’s firsts, reminding us of how old some of the technology we see as so integral to 21st Century life actually is. The computer mouse was invented in ’64 by super inventor, Douglas Engelbart – I kind of wish we had ones made of wood today, sort of like how there’s a market for products like these, or even these. Maybe.

The list also reminded me that the first mp3 player came out 11 years ago, and could only hold about 1% of what my year-old iPod Classic (ironic moniker?) can hold. The microchip was invented in 1971, and the digital camera in 1975 – much like throwback Mountain Dew and the Blue Jays’ alternate jerseys this season, we seem to be fine with living in the past.

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