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We are at war, tweeple!

June 26, 2009

Brian Lane Winfield Moores brilliantly updated poster

Brian Lane Winfield Moore's brilliantly updated poster

I just came across Mr. Moore’s flickr album of updated WWII posters for its long-heralded sequel, WWIII. The album represents a wonderfully satirical pastiche of our contemporary internet-based culture. Two of the first parodies that Moore put up were Twitter related, which I can’t help but wonder if were inspired by the recent Iranian election debacle and all associated Twitterings. After the Twitter propaganda parodies, Moore expanded his commentary to, amongst other things, Google Earth, net neutrality, and this one I really enjoy about torrenting music:

More of Moores wit

More of Moore's wit

Perhaps we can rally the hearts and minds of today’s youth behind a noble and just war because an Austrian Archduke was pwnd while blogging in Bosnia. Or something.

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