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Time to celebrate NaBloPoMo!

July 2, 2009

Everybody knows there’s really only one thing to celebrate in July. It’s not Bastille Day. Not Canada Day, nor Adiperukku, nor Ólavsøka, nor even that rather obscure holiday on July 4th that involves every American grilling meat and setting gunpowder on fire. I’m speaking, of course, of National Blog Posting Month. Don’t let the generic WordPress template (or the fact that this popped up as an advert in the admin section of this blog) fool you; this is the real deal. I love the author’s reasoning:

It’s an even more fitting occasion for posting regularly to your blog on the topics that interest you.

As if this made up celebration was the stimulus that millions of writers worldwide needed to update that LiveJournal account for the first time since high school. It’s even more ridiculous than people loving Pi so much that they would celebrate it twice every year. Or name their blog after it.

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