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Heads up: We’re living in the future

July 6, 2009
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A little bit more impressive than the Virtual Boy

A little bit more impressive than the Virtual Boy

If Avrin needed any more persuasion that he should switch to the iPhone 3GS, perhaps this will do it. Well, maybe if he lived in London. iPhone app creator acrosshair has come up with this nifty new app that utilizes the iPhone’s camera function to create some awesome augmented reality, where information about the closest London Underground station is overlaid on top of what the camera sees. More, including a video of this crazy future technology, after the jump.

While the video is a little unimpressive, what with the shaky hands and limited scope of the program, but it shows the potential of Apple’s powerful new mobile device, and what the future of heads-up displays holds. Maybe it won’t be too long before this phrase connotes eye glasses that double as tiny, wireless computer screens, rather than lame speedometer displays on cheap American cars, or the Virtual Boy. Or something as simple and cool as this concept idea. One can only dream.

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