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Bermuda Triangle of laptops

July 8, 2009


With netbooks accounting for more of the the personal computer market with every passing quarter, and laptop sales in general spelling the end of the desktop computer in the very near future, we are truly in a culture bent on connecting on the go. This is why Google’s just released an operating system designed for netbooks, and already has one for smartphones. Even in this economic downturn, netbooks and laptops are still selling well, and Apple’s notebooks even being labelled as ‘recession proof‘. You’d still think, though, that we’d all be pretty careful with our shiny MacBooks and Eee PCs, as we definitely aren’t going to be able to replace them in these times, and yet there’s been reports that at LAX, Los Angeles’ airport, 1,200 laptops are lost each week. Dell says that over 12,000 laptops were lost at American airports in 2008, many of them with sensitive corporate material on them, most of which are never reclaimed. Let’s say each laptop cost about $500 (obviously some will cost lots more) – that’s $6m we threw away in 2008 for no good reason. Next time you’re complaining about the crappy economy on your blog while you’re waiting at your gate for the 12.55 flight to Albany, just make sure you remember to take your computer with you; it’s not that hard.

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