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GOOGLE’S New Operating System!?

July 8, 2009
Not again...

Not again...

The New York Times is reporting that Google is planning to unleash the “Google Chrome Operating System”. It is intended on being used for netbooks, machines designed almost solely for browsing and email.  This comes not even a year after Google’s release of its own browser, Chrome.

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That failed.  I posted this about people’s inability to identify the difference between a web browser and a search engine, which I hope they’re trying to put in the past. is calling this a “Windows Killer”. says it will “revolutionize netbooks and other underpowered machines” stating that cost and speed, amongst other features will attract users.  It turns out that this operating system will be based on the Linux kernel.  For those of you not familiar with Linux, the name usually refers to open-source operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel.

There has been an ongoing push for software to become open-source.  Of course there are many pros and cons to having software that is free.  On one hand, information and material can be distributed at will (something that can’t exactly be said for all forms of media these days).  However, open source development usually lacks a go-to guy, the man in charge.  This results in the development process being somewhat convoluted and bumpy as possible.  We all take for granted that when we put a CD in to our computers, a program pops up and does what it’s supposed to do.  That isn’t always the case with open source software, but hey, I think that’s where the fun is!  Hopefully Google will hold the reins on this one.  They need to make sure to not have another Chrome disaster.


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  1. andrewjshults permalink
    July 8, 2009 11:31 am

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say Chrome was a failure (15-20 million regular users is quite a bit). It took FireFox years to gain traction in the browser market place and that was competing against the actual disasters that were Netscape (pre-Mozilla conversion) and Internet Explorer.

    Chrome (the OS) is probably going to be structured in a way very similar to Palm’s new WebOS, in that all of the rendering for even the desktop applications is done via XHTML and JavaScript. This actually will provide a great tie in for Chrome (the browser) since people that see someone using the OS and like it but don’t want to switch away from Windows (or eventually OSX and Linux) can just install Chrome (the browser) and get a similar experience overlaid on the OS of their choosing. You can already get much of that functionality now with Chrome and Google Apps, since Gears (the offline enabling addon) is already built in and will place icons on your desktop. The Gmail icon on my desktop launched gmail in a window that doesn’t look like a browser but is rendered by Chrome (ironicly, the lack of toolbars and buttons is known as being chrome-less).

    Will Chrome replace Windows 7 on my netbook? Unlikely since I do use a few programs that are Windows/Mac only on here, but I could see it being quite beneficial and if they can make it crank even more battery life out of it, it might get installed as a dual boot. Until then – I’ll keep chugging along with Chrome (the browser) as being the most used program on any of my computers.

  2. Avrin permalink
    July 8, 2009 11:38 am

    Very valid points. I’m just trying to pretend I’m a fly in a Google Exec meeting. I’m not sure what I would hear because obviously they’re trying to push into new markets but I almost get the feeling that they tried one attempt (Chrome the browser) and that didn’t work *as well* as expected (You’re right, 15-20 mil is not a failure) Now they’re trying just from a different angle to bust into the Microsoft bubble…as if they’re just trying to break in, regardless of the method.

    Hey, if it’s faster, I’ll definitely try it. I’m dual booting Ubuntu and Windows at the moment and both are surprisingly fast. Ubuntu 9.04 is a speed demon. If Chrome is light and portable, it may be sufficient for a decent portion of the work people do.

  3. July 8, 2009 5:15 pm

    Pokéball + Simon Says = Chrome Logo?


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