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No one cares about Wales

July 8, 2009
No country for 3G networks

No country for 3G networks

Wales, the perennial joke nation of the United Kingdom, has apparently been dealt another blow to its fragile psyche by the 3G networks of the UK. In this map published by British paper The Independent, we can see that the English Channel, the sea that connects England and France, has better 3G connection than almost the entirety of the nation of Wales. Bad news for a country that’s trying to market itself to MNCs as a technology hub; I doubt there’s patchy 3G reception in Silicon Valley. But hey, now that I look at it, it looks like the North Sea has more connectivity than most of Scotland. Is this just a modern example England asserting its dominance over its home nations, or a map suggesting where the most 3G demand is? The Queen will never tell.

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