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Acceptable in the 80s

July 13, 2009
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Gizmodo has a new post series celebrating the technology of the late 70s, when most of their writers were just fledgling geeks. I’ve decided to respond with a few things from when Avrin and I were learning how to walk, and playing with your Wii was not a socially acceptable thing to do with your friends. Enjoy some wonderfully forgotten moments from the late 80s after the jump!

Not quite a Wiimote, but still awesome.

Best idea for a game ever. Also reminds of a time when live action had to be used in videogame commercials, because the in-game footage was too unimpressive to actually sell the thing.

Empire Strikes Back bumper on NBC in 1987. James Earl Jones even reprised his role as CNN announcer.

This ad at 4m58s aired during the first ever episode of the Simpsons, along with the others here. A far cry from today’s ads for cellphones.

While I didn’t have this Blaster Transformer toy, I definitely had that Optimus Prime (with full tow) toy that makes a cameo. Not as cool a cameo as that scary kid with the vocoded voice.

And one more thing…

Whatever happened to ‘”thirty minutes or less, or your money back”?

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