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July 13, 2009
Your hearing rules! You’re either quite young or you’ve looked after your ears.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 19.9kHz

Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!

Many years ago, I read on these here Internets about mobile phone ringtones that were so high-pitched, old people could not hear them. High school kids would use them to send texts and covertly take calls while in class, with the teacher unable to hear the alerts. Apparently, the vibrate function every cellphone has had for like a decade now, wasn’t good enough for today’s kids. At any rate, I recently found this very tacky website the other day that has all of the high-pitched tones on it, available to download. What’s so interesting about this site, though, is that it allows to you to hear all the tones, tell it the highest pitch you can hear, and have it roughly guess your ‘hearing age’. I’ve always thought I had pretty poor hearing (playing music loud and being too cheap for earplugs will do that), but apparently these ‘mosquitotones’ are no match for my ears; I could hear all but one of them (watch out for the trap on the site). If you’re past your early twenties, you shouldn’t be able to hear most of them, so head on over to the site and post your results here. Mine’s the one above.

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  1. Genna permalink
    July 13, 2009 11:19 pm

    My brother got one of these for his phone, set an alarm and put it in my desk. I thought there was something terribly wrong with me when a high-pitched beeping filled my room.

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