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Back from “Mars”!

July 15, 2009
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this ship was full of nerf herders

this ship was full of nerf herders

I knew the day would come during my lifetime that man would return from Mars in good health. Considering we’ve not been to the moon since 1972, I was a little surprised that we’d already gotten to the Red Giant and back. I mean, shouldn’t there have been more fanfare? What a great achievement for mankind; the first place we’ve been to that isn’t just our floating outhouse! How come it those damned Europeans beat us to it? Don’t we have all the money and rockets in the world? This is all so confusing…

Come to think of it, all I could find on this life-changing event was this little article on the BBC. I’m not sure why they called it an experiment… oh.

Well, still; quite an achievement. Being locked in a small capsule with no windows with four Germans, a Russian and a Frenchman for 105 days would probably as difficult for most Americans as flying to Neptune. It really was a good experiment though,as it showed that relative strangers could exist in a tiny space together for three months, which is about the amount of time it would take our fastest propulsion systems to get to Mars. Now that the psychological experiments are over, I hope space agencies around the world can start doing technical experiments, because I want a Mars landing sometime soon. Or, at least, that moon colony NASA keeps suggesting. Or at the very very least, free tickets from Richard Branson for Virgin Galactic. Bottom line, I just really want to go to space. And perhaps to lock S-foils in attack position.


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