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Boxed whine

July 15, 2009
included: free air ($17.95 s&h)

included: free air ($17.95 s&h)

I feel like if I were a multi-millionaire audiophile (as opposed to a poor, somewhat deaf twentysomething), I would probably make lots of ridiculous purchases in the name of fidelity. Like these $31,000 stereo cables, or this $350,000 amplifier, or maybe even some really ugly $60,000 speakers clearly designed for Poseidon himself. Even with all that money and cool audio crap, I’m still not sure I could see the point in this product, marketed towards (presumably gullible) Beatles-mad audiophiles. It’s an $80 box! Filled with bubble wrap and Beatles pictures! At first, I saw it and thought it was a great deal; all the Fab Four’s albums remastered and in one spiffy case for eighty bucks. But no, the albums are sold separately. Why would I buy this?! What technology could “Boxofvision, LLC” possibly have come up with that could safeguard my CDs (not frail records, mind you, but those things you use as coasters when you get bored of the music on them) any better than sturdy jewel cases or even this plus this? Maybe this was a final “screw you, Paul McCartney” by Michael Jackson. I also love that the box is the size of an LP, even though it’s for housing CDs, and that the sides of the box make it look like it’s full of music already! Everything about this is stupid, as well as further proof that if I put a Beatles logo on a week-old piece of toast or half a flip-flop, someone will pay $80 for it. Geez.


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