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N.A.S.A.’s A.D.D.

July 16, 2009
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After eleven years of slow-going construction, the International Space Station is nearing completion. By the end of 2010, all proposed modules for the orbiting laboratory will have been installed. By the end of 2016, NASA plans to de-orbit the ISS and crash it into the Earth. Even though it’s cost the U.S. government and its partners over $100 billion to construct and maintain the ISS, or, far less than our two current wars, and it’s only just about finished, bureaucrats seem to have had enough of it. ISS Manager Michael Suffredini suggests that parts are already starting to wear and that it would just be too costly to support this coming decade. I wouldn’t be so worried about this if NASA’s massive plan to put men back on the Moon by 2018 that they announced going on four years ago were still likely. It seems with each passing year, NASA is moving away from imaginative goals, like a man on Mars by 2037, to just shutting down what they’ve been doing. If there was one good thing the Bush administration did for America, it was reinstall a desire (if not a coherently-funded plan) explore beyond our atmosphere. I really hope the dreams I was talking about yesterday don’t remain childish fantasies because we’d rather spend money on wars or  health reforms that may have ‘issues‘. Why can’t we have a new New Deal era, in space? Obama’s got all this money he wants to give us, and I want an Eisenhower Interstate System for the future!

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