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Sunday Sunday Sunday! Gigantic Battle!

July 16, 2009

Like all things Spanish…no wait.  That’s not how I want to start.  Like all great battles, Pepsi vs Coke, Marvel vs Capcom, Michael Jackson vs His Hair On Fire (too soon?), the growing competition between Google and Microsoft will be a good one!  CNN just posted a run down of how the two stack up.  The following is my own take on things.

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Facts aside, I would venture a guess and say that a majority of the people reading this post will be doing so through Firefox.  An article was posted two days ago that basically said US State Department workers were begging Hill-dog Clinton to let them switch to Firefox! Chrome fits somewhere into all of this, but it still lags compared to IE in terms of market share.  Also, YouTube has dropped support for older versions of IE. However, one should not forget that Internet Explorer is run on most computers.


Google wins.  Heck, it has its own verb!

Operating Systems

A majority of the world uses Windows.  We all know this.  I think Google will really gain ground in the areas it is trying to:  smart phones and netbooks.  While Windows Live is prominent in some ways, I think because Google’s efforts are (for now) focussed on smaller devices as opposed to ousting Windows all-together, that they will in a few years have a significant stronghold on the OS market.


Microsoft hasn’t yet made money using the Internets.  Google’s AdSense has taken over. I think the following image shows how over the years Google’s methods have blown Yahoo out of the water.

In my opinion and in summary, the browser war is up in the air, Google wins at searching, both will gain ground in their respective operating system pushes,and Google’s advertising wins.  However, Microsoft is releasing a free online version of Microsoft Office coming up to combat Google Docs so who knows what will happen.  Agree? Disagree? Discuss!


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