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We’re not killing the planet fast enough, I guess

July 16, 2009
Im surprised no packing peanuts were involved

I'm surprised no packing peanuts were involved

Tree Hugger, a website which wears its opinions on its sleeve, recently published a slideshow of terrible packaging failures. This being a blog that (usually) concerns itself with technology-related things, I selected the worst tech-related offense on the list to show you, in my second ‘useless boxes of the Internet’ post in as many days. If you’ve ever bought anything small and expensive on the Internet, you’ll know how over-protected the products’ packaging usually is. The tiny memory card above came with a little protector case, a sealed plastic package, and then a massive cardboard box filled with paper. If the company this person bought the card from had shipped it in its little protector case inside of a 10¢ envelope, it would have been just as secure, and probably gotten to them quicker. It’s like we’re all actively trying to waste as much as possible. If you’ll excuse me, I’m hungry. I’m going to go to Olive Garden, get one of their dinners, only eat half it, take it home, forget about it, and throw it out in a week. Nom nom nom.

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