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Friends forever?

July 17, 2009
too close for missiles, I'm switching to puns

too close for missiles, I'm switching to puns

In this day and age of interconnectivity, Avrin and I thought a little while ago that we should start a Facebook page for this here blog, but then we promptly forgot about it. Right now, our fanbase consists mainly of our family and 3.14 contributers, so I thought I’d try and change that. I couldn’t come up with too many good reasons for joining the page, except that I know many of you spend more hours on Facebook than you probably do sleeping, and so that you don’t have to ever leave the site, you can follow us from it. That way, all new blog posts will pop up in your news feed, and you get to see our fancy logo (pictured above, which we’ve not had much use for up to now), all without navigating away from the Zuckerberg Empire. We’ll also add some content specific to Facebook to keep it interesting. If there’s any other social medium we should be joining for you guys, let us know. But, be warned; I don’t think Avrin knows what a Twitter is yet.

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