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Broken image

July 21, 2009
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can you see what it is yet?

can you see what it is yet?

As I was researching my last post on the BBC, I came across their article on Yahoo’s new homepage design. Having not seen what it looks like yet, I was interested to see what they’d come up with to combat Bing’s pictures and Google’s minimalism. What I was greeted with reminded me more of something I’d see in an Onion article. The picture the BBC tried to put up seemed to have failed during the upload. Making sure it wasn’t just Safari acting up and showing me a broken image symbol instead of working normally (as it occasionally does), I checked on FireFox and Camino; all had similar failures. It seems tragically fitting that the perennial second string search engine’s attempt to better themselves failed to show up in a high-profile article. In case you were wondering their redesign actually looks like, we’ve got it after the jump.

The Yahoo redesign has gotten some positive responses already, and brings Yahoo in line with the current fashion of covering your program / browser in tabs. Yahoo’s new design is supposed set the site up as your home base on the net, with your mail (if you still use Y!Mail), weather, stocks, movie and local info all tabbed on the homepage. It would be a decent service if I used any of Yahoo’s other services still – it’s basically all the things that Google enticed me away from Yahoo with, four years ago. If Yahoo had been on the ball back then, perhaps the success they enjoyed during the 90s dotcom boom would have continued over into the 2000s. To me, it seems like trying to sell Zunes in a world of iPhones, just too little too late.


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