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DTV be damned

July 21, 2009
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older than your amiga

older than your amiga

The oldest working television has been found in your grandfather’s a British electrical engineer’s house. The 1936 Marconiphone was actually the 1930s version of an ‘HD’ TV, utilizing the most modern of broadcasting standards of the time. The owner of the TV the size of a china hutch, Jeffrey Borinsky, bought the TV ten years ago from another collector of hilariously old crap, and is attempting to restore it to its original state. Rather ironically, the previous owner used more modern parts to keep the TV working, and Borinsky plans to use contemporary parts to make the device more authentic, and yet he’s hooked up a converter box so he can watch more than the standard five channels on analog TV in the UK. While I’m not sure if it’s as silly as making a Twitter client for your Commodore 64, it does seem unnecessarily difficult. I wonder what Borinsky will do if something breaks that hasn’t been in production for 70 years. Beyond good marketing and disposable income, there’s usually a reason people get new things – they’re better than what they had before. And not made of wood.

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