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Have we drunk too much Kool-Aid?

July 22, 2009

evil jobs

Over the last few days, reports have been emerging that a worker at a Southern Chinese iPhone factory has committed suicide, after a prototype device went missing. A ‘security official’ at the Foxconn plant has been suspended as a result of the death, and Apple seems pretty unhappy with what’s going on in the East with its underlings, saying “We are saddened by the tragic loss of this employee. We require that our suppliers treat all workers with dignity and respect.” More after the jump.

Beyond this, though, we don’t really know what went on. While one of the worst things that a journalist can do is guess, two scary possibilities do spring to mind with this situation. Either the worker was so terrified with might happen to him after his decision to steal the prototype that he thought taking his own life would be a better idea. Or, even scarier, we’re left with something like what may have happened to Dr. David Kelly, the man who said Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. With all the movies and books and whackjob conspirators there are on this earth, we’ve all become a little more open to the possibility of covert, underhanded activity, but I’d really hope that the company that makes my computer, phone and mp3 player aren’t in reality Orwellian bad guys. I doubt I’m going to get shipped off to an iGulag in the middle of the night for bringing this up, but I really hope we’ve not gotten to the point in human existence where turning a profit and keeping things secret (that aren’t of national importance) are worth more than lives.

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