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Anything you can do (too)

July 27, 2009
bizarro world

bizarro world

Apple entered an arms race with Pre to see who can and can’t sync what with iTunes, as I noted about a week ago. In a bid to also copy whatever Apple does, Microsoft recently announced that it’s going to create standalone stores, similar to Apple’s, and put them right next to Apple stores. This in and of itself is a pretty lame move by Microsoft. Sony also tried its hand at standalone stores, and they’ve not exactly caught on too well; once an idea is no longer novel, it’s kind of hard to see there being a positive reaction by the general public, seeing how the proliferation of Apple Stores is becoming the new Starbucks. Microsoft seems to have a plan for counteracting this: copy the Apple store design in every way. Much like McDowell’s in Coming To America, Microsoft plans on only nominally changing every aspect of the Apple store, to hopefully attract morons who think they’ve wandered in to a new Apple store. Instead of a Genius Bar, you’ve got a “Guru” Bar. They’ve got a “theater area” instead of just a theater, and will email you receipts from their mobile pay areas. The only differences anyone has come up with between the two so far have been comical. This makes the comparisons between Vista and Leopard feel flagrantly libelous. It’s like Microsoft aren’t even trying.

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