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Bing-hoo! Yahbing! Biyahngoo?

July 29, 2009


This morning, the entire internet announced that the long-expected deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! went ahead, as expected. Yahoo’s search engine will now be powered by Bing, and in turn Yahoo’s advertising team will take over at Microsoft. The $45bn, 10-year deal will strengthen Microsoft’s standing as #2 search engine, making them a veritable Jon Kitna to Google’s Tony Romo (my random sports analogy for the day). With Google’s loss-taking sale of its share in AOL, it seems that the Internet of the 90s is finally getting taken off of life support, as we enter the 10s. With the departure of Yahoo from the search engine game, they have essentially become a suicidal Geppetto to Microsoft and Google’s Pinocchio (my random Disney analogy for the day), and while I’m not that sorry to see Yahoo! go, it’s a average portal site at best, even with its recent cosmetic remake, they are leaving an industry they helped create. In the same way that Elvis got fat and died on the toliet, Yahoo bloated whereas Google just seemed to get buffer – one of the few times that the copycat supersedes the original. I had Yahoo mail years before Gmail existed, and even Y!chat (!), and now I can’t imagine something more useful than Gmail, with its integrated Gchat. It’s been years since I’ve searched for something directly on a portal site, seeing as Google has been integrated right into my browser for at least half a decade now, but there was a time when Yahoo! and those stupid yodeling commericals were all I knew. Change is often a good thing, even if it comes about through Microsoft enveloping other massive entities; I just hope we don’t forget where we’ve come from.

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  1. July 30, 2009 9:00 pm

    I love it when an intricate, fiendish plan comes together!
    Here is the She-CEO of Yahoo (Carol Bats) and myself signing the final agreement to give Microsoft control over the entire backend for Yahoo’s entire search! Yahoo will handle ads, marketing, hosting and all that kinda’ crap, but we will be the ones in charge of the main product, SEARCH! I was so happy as I was signing this that I almost … well, I was happy!
    The She-CEO tried to put a good spin on Yahoo’s surrender, she said,
    “We never really liked search anyways! We are letting these people handle that stuff while we pursue the cool stuff ya’know!”
    Miss Bats, have you ever heard of a Puppet master?
    Oh well, it has been a VERY good week here at Microsoft! Very good indeed!
    (In the meanwhile, the man who opposed me at Yahoo (The Vagrant Yang) continues to marinate in his own feecees on the streets of Redmond!
    Let him be a lesson to all!

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