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Bucking the trend

July 30, 2009
the invisible hand of the market has been spotted

the invisible hand of the market has been spotted

It’s been announced today that even though overall global sales of cellphones have fallen in recent times, Apple’s iPhone continues to enjoy increasing sales. What bothers me about this that I’m not really that surprised. Apple’s been labelled as “recession-proof” more than once in the last year, and the quality of their products (at least in relation to their competitors) seem to be speaking for themselves. It’s definitely not those annoying ads that are keeping their sales buoyed. Even though there’s been an 8% shrink in cellphone sales in the last quarter, Apple has surged, selling over 5.2 million iPhones in the between April and June, which is really quite impressive, considering the new 3G S didn’t come out until June 19th. It’s hard to imagine another company, in any field, being quite so successful in such difficult economic times. Perhaps the much rumored Apple tablet that’s apparently coming out in a few months could single-handedly lift America out of this recession. Obama, get the equally invincible Steve Jobs on that red telephone.

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