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The Right Way to Deal with Copyright Issues

July 30, 2009

Presumably you guys have seen this video of a couple dancing to Chris Brown’s Forever.  Well, in cases like this, the copyright owners of the song may come forward, kick the video off the Internets.  But no!  They may be few and far between, but there are smart individuals in the music industry.  The owners of the song instead tacked an advertisement to buy the song right in the video.  The result?  The song is now back in the top 10 on both the iTunes Singles Chart and the MP3 Best Sellers.  The latter is updated every hour at the least.  The Google Blog talks about the trends in their searching…the song is a hit…again!

As an engineer, we often rely on data and fact to make our best judgments.  I’m not entirely sure where most guys in the ‘biz’ get their info because DRM is dead and CD sales don’t exist.  However, when something like this happens, it shows that not everyone is stuck in the stone age.  Some people are really learning how to adjust to a new medium that anyone can access whenever and wherever.


PS.  That’s about the only time I’ll have a post about music and not mention classic rock.  I swear.  Back to the Australian Pink Floyd Show in concert…

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