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The seventh circle of Hell

July 30, 2009


AOL Radio announced today on its blog that it’s creating an all-Nickelback, all-the-time internet station. It’s even going to be called “ALL NICKELBACK”, just to drive the point home. I don’t want to meet the braintrust in AOL’s station development team that thought this was a good idea. Then again, I already knew that I’d never want to meet someone above the age of 15 who calls themselves a fan of Nickelback, so perhaps they’re one and the same. Regardless, though, I know that AOL radio has hundreds of channels, but were there really thousands of Americans clambering at their door, demanding constant access to “rare acoustic and live versions” of Nickelback’s songs, as well as “Chad Kroeger’s solo tracks”? If so, perhaps I’m more out of touch with my fellow citizens than even I thought I was. Also, I can’t believe that’s the second time I’ve used the above picture on this blog. Too much vaguely tech-related Nickelback news.

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  1. tkhooner permalink
    August 2, 2009 2:26 am

    Dear lord. Nickelback is by far the worst thing to originate from my hometown. What a shame.

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