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The beginning of the end of the beginning

August 6, 2009
journalistic gold

journalistic gold

Rupert Murdoch, the master of puppets in charge of NewsCorp, announced today that all of its sites will soon start charging for their services. It’s scary how much NewsCorp controls, Fox, MySpace, NY Post, Wall St. Journal, the Dow Jones, HarperCollins, just to name a few American holdings, and how wide-reaching this announcement could be. Granted, it’s most likely directed towards their publications’ sites, like the Post, or the (London) Times, but this could change how media is disseminated on the internet. NewsCorp has already been fairly successful in making the Wall St. Journal a paysite, although it’s a niche publication in a rich market. I can’t see there being anything but a massive backlash against NewsCorp if they go ahead with making all their publications’ sites subscription-only, and even though I’m really not a fan Fox News, the Post, or most of the media outlets Murdoch owns, I think this is a necessary step. Once a massive corporation starts something, all its competitors and the smaller companies will have to do the same , or that first corporation will have problems. In most instances, this would just drive customers to the free alternatives, but this will most likely be the kick in the pants other media outlets to also start charging. It’s really the only way that the proliferation can survive. Every free blog, every news aggregator, every Google search gets its information from some company that paid a reporter and editor to produce the information. I know it sounds rather like Reganomics, but there really is a trickle-down effect with online news – without someone getting paid at some point in the process, it’s unlikely that the proliferation of information will be able to continue effectively. Considering that the majority of blog posts on this site rely on information from other sites (who in a lot of cases go their information from other sites), I would like someone to get paid to keep finding things out, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to write about on here. Granted, I’m not really sure I’m so concerned with Fox News’ continued existence, especially with this kind of ‘journalism’:

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