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Yelling in the dark

August 6, 2009
the fate of todays attacker

the fate of today's attacker

Earlier today, Twitter shut down in attempt to fight a direct and complex attack on its site. For many hours, opinionated people had to resort to their old ways of butting in on other people’s conversations, the passive-aggressive returned to post-its, and the rest of us had to turn on our TVs or use the rest of the internet to listen to talking heads. The BBC’s article on the attack suggested that there are at least 45 million users on Twitter’s site, but due to the proliferation of accounts on smartphones and third party software which interacts with the site, there could be many more. Twitter seems to have become the Marmite of the 21st century, in that you either love it or hate it, and obviously whomever co-ordinated this attack today must not have been a big fan. Interestingly, it seems that the site has really become the domain of the old, as only 16% of all visitors are under the age of 25. Again, this could be a skewed statistic, in the same way that my mom still goes to Google’s website to search for something, even though I’ve told her a fair few times that there’s a search bar at the top of her browser – kids know to use TweetDeck, their iPhones, or even text messages, whereas the old folks are just impressed they got on the computer without something going wrong. If it is the case, though, that Twitter really is just a bunch of older folks shilling their (somewhat) unsolicited opinions, I can see why someone would want to pull the plug on it – the guy probably had already spent too much time at his grandparents’ condo dinner parties and couldn’t bear to put up with any more rambling.

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