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Guess who’s back, back again

September 21, 2009
I'm not very good at editing images, but you get the point...

I'm not very good at editing images, but you get the point...

So a lot has happened in the month or so since 3.14 last blogged about anything. The last thing we posted about was in fact the death of John Hughes, and in the last month or so we also lost the Ghost, the Lion of the Senate and his sister, the inventor of multi-tracking and the greatest guitar ever built, and the man behind 60 Minutes, to name a few. The good news is that we weren’t all snuffed out by swine flu (yet), we may one day have health care reform in the U.S., Pavement are getting back together next year, and the iPod Nano can now shoot video and listen to FM radio. So yeah, not really that much good news. If Avrin and I hadn’t been on our summertime hiatus this last month, we, like everyone else, would’ve probably blogged about all of the above. One slightly smaller thing I came across during my holiday away from the great city of Philadelphia, however, reminded of one of the reasons why I think we started this blog; to comment on the inanities of this here Internet. One of our earliest (and to date, most controversial) posts was on the networking giant Cisco Systems and how we found something a little confusing about their business model. Well, in a recent commercial put out by Cisco, the company seems to have decided that confusing everyone as much as possible will somehow be beneficial for them.

See for yourselves after the jump.

I’m pretty sure this is the first commercial I’ve ever seen (at least one not put out by Starburst) that has made me question my own sanity, that created one of those moments which would make you cry out in public, “Wait, was I the only one who just saw that?”, rather like the ethereally fleeting streaker at a late-night frat party in the middle of February. This commercial has been bothering me since I first saw it, to the point where it is now the focus of my first post back on 3.14, even though I saw it nearly a month ago. I mean, unless Cisco decided to use Heaven as its ad agency and they turned to St. John to spearhead the project, there is no logical conclusion that I can come to that makes this commercial sensible. DID GOD USE CISCO SERVERS TO CREATE HUMANITY? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! AND WHY THE HELL IS THERE A BORN RUFFIANS SONG IN IT?

Phew. It’s good to be back.


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