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40 years ago today, the Internet was born.

October 29, 2009

The Internet was a series of knobs before it was a series of tubes

On October 29th, 1969, the first message from one computer to another was uttered: “lo”. Were they going for an abbreviation of “hello”, something along the lines of “lo and behold”? Well, not really. UCLA was trying to type “log” to send to Stanford, but their system crashed after the first two letters. I get pissed off when Hulu stalls halfway through the episode of Community I’m trying to stream, but sometimes we’ve got to count our blessings. If it weren’t for the Cold War, we might not have had this wonderful waste of time and extensive porn database that we call the Internets. Thank you to all those involved in the gestation of the net; Leonard Kleinrock, UCLA, Stamford, Ivan Sutherland, and Al Gore. We owe you everything.

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